7 Uses for Asphalt You Did Not Know About

Asphalt is the material that has helped to pave driveways, car parks, roads and motorways across the planet. But there is more to asphalt than just a highway covering material. It is used as a sealant in roofs and is a barrier in the protection of a number of items we were probably unaware of.

Edgar Hooley

Edgar Hooley was the man who invented Tarmac, he stumbled across the idea in 1901 by accident after locals poured waste slag onto the tar that has been split.

Let us have a look at the seven uses for asphalt that we probably did not know about:

Tin Lizzy

Few of us alive today will be old enough to remember when the Model T was running off the production line at such a rate that Ford could not keep up with the demand. More than 15.5 million cars ran off the production lines between 1908 and 1927 but the only colour available to the general public was in black.

The reason was simple: it kept production costs down and made the Model T easily affordable to the masses. The black paint used contained a mixture of bitumen and asphalt in a liquidised form. The black application contained a number of ingredients such as oil, thinning agents, dryers, varnish and asphalt.

Wood Fencing

The vast farming belt across Mid-West America used miles of wooden fencing to keep cattle in and rustlers out. Painting these fences was a labour-intensive task that could take a great deal of time and money away from the farm.

In order to increase the time interval between fence paintings, farmers would use an asphalt-based paint designed specifically to use on outdoor fencing. Asphalt based paints are more hardy than regular coats and there is the added advantage of the asphalt being highly waterproof too.

Drying time is also very quick. From application to posting the panels into the ground can take just three and a half hours. This allows farmers a chance to paint the fence and then install it. This method slows down the rate of decay and minimises water damage.

Vehicle Noise Pollution Reactant

Although all of our cars, motorbikes, trucks and vans drive regularly on asphalt, the dynamic material is also used to keep these vehicle at a low noise level. Car manufacturers use asphalt to coat the body parts. This makes vehicles sound quieter when driving on asphalt roads. At the same time, the noise levels of outside traffic is also reduced when you sit inside a car with all the windows closed up.


A number of abstract painters and artists use bitumen to manifest stunning black and white paintings. Most artists tend to go for nature or wildlife but the material used is very creative in artistic circles.

The bitumen has to be applied to the canvas using a special mixture of varnish and thinners in order for the asphalt painting to bind.

Graffiti Busters

Graffiti is the evil twin of art. It signifies urban blight, tardiness and sheer vandalism. But asphalt can come to the rescue where the offensive “artwork” is concerned. If you coat an entire wall or fence with black asphalt paint, it will deter gang bangers from daubing their mess on facades where we do not want it to be seen.

Always keep a few aerosol cans of asphalt paint spray in your shed, then when the graffiti yobs return, just apply over the offending work and it will disappear. It is a quick and effective way of combating the so-called graffiti louts that infest many urban regions.

The Medicine for Nature

Arborists and plant nurseries will soon tell you of the damage bugs and insects can do to small shrubs, planting saplings and other woodland trees. However, liquid asphalt comes to the rescue in ways you would not have thought possible.

Gardeners often use a paste version of this asphalt liquid to smear over the wounds on small saplings and young trees. The asphalt seals the wound and prevents the tree from further infection.

There are a number of reasons where gardeners might use asphalt to treat tree wounds. After all, it is not just bugs and insects that do damage to saplings and smaller trees. Storm, disease and weather-related damage is often a problem for trees. Grafting fresh and new roots to trees can also be achieved by using asphalt as a sealant.

Used in the Construction Industry

There are many asphalt products used in construction and building and its uses are vast. Some builders will use it as a waterproof agent for foundations. It helps to damp proof and is a reliable waterproof material. Water or vapour cannot enter the spaces below the grades as the asphalt works as a dynamic barrier.

Compounds containing asphalt are also used instead of tarpaper. This is usually applied under the wood panelling or a brick veneer. Builders will also use asphalt or asphalt-based products for flashing on doors, windows and roofs.

4 Ways to Improve Your Home in 2019

Most of the time, there are no life-threatening reasons for someone to want to improve their home. I mean, let’s be real. You don’t have to wait for the roof to collapse on your head one day for you to finally start thinking about making some changes and fixing some issues. We know you experience the same urge to change up your home that we do when you visit a friend or a colleague’s house for the first time, and literally get overwhelmed by how proper and lavish everything looks. Well, what’s stopping you? You don’t have to empty your precious bank account to improve your home, buddy. You just need to make a little effort.

Need a little guidance because you don’t know where to start? Do not fear, we’re here to give you the following tips on how you can make your home look the way you used to imagine it when you were a kid:

double glazing
double glazing

Double Glazing:

My first and favourite of all is double glazing and it’s even better when it’s integrated with sash windows because you get a huge aesthetics boost to your property as well.

There are so many reasons for you to double glaze your windows. Insulating and protecting your windows with two layers of glass with a space between them will Continue reading 4 Ways to Improve Your Home in 2019

Google +

Are you making the most of Google plus?

My friend owns a tree surgery company called Stourbridge Tree Surgeons and he has recently notified my of how he is utilizing and making the most of his Google Plus page.

  1. Add local people in your community to your circles
    This widens your network and and notify’s local businesses of your services.
  2. Ask your customers for reviews for your good service
    5 star ratings build up trust and authenticity of your businesses listing.
  3. Be active
    Using your Google Plus profile actively is more likely to get traffic to it and increase the number of views your listing has – The number of views is know to increase your listings rank in the local section.

And that’s all for today hopefully you got some value from this, please feel free to share it if you did…. Thanks!!!

My Lucky Day


So this weekend I decided to take a little break and go to see my auntie and uncle in Towyn, Wales and have some well deserved rest and a break from studying! When I arrived there after a long journey, my cousin came out of nowhere and surprised me! Aparently, he heard that I was doing web design at school and heard that I had created a website for my dad’s business! Basically he wants me to design him a website for his business!


His business is a Continue reading My Lucky Day

Keep the opportunities coming!

So today we were told that we had the opportunity to go and work with a web design company out of a list our tutor had provided us! I can definitely say that I was by far the most excited one in the room! So of course I took the list as quick as I could so I could have a look and choose a really good one in case I didn’t like the ones that were last! So I decided to choose InterLead in Stafford because I loved their web site and thought it was really creative and I hadn’t seen a website like that before so I just had to snatch them up because I feel I would have a lot to learn from them!


So in February Continue reading Keep the opportunities coming!

How to approach

So today we learnt about the importance of customer service! Now making sure that your customer is happy is a huge thing and I didn’t realise just how big it actually was today because without customer service, its impossible for your business to grow to its full potential!


When a person approves you with an enquiry about your services, making sure you answer all of their questions is extremely important as that is the first initial meeting and that is what will seal the deal if you get it right and you are helpful to them! Continue reading How to approach

What makes a web designer amazing


As you know, I am still studying Web Design at Stoke on Trent so I am not yet fully qualified and knowledgeable enough to go out there and except money for my work as it just wouldn’t feel right! But, with the knowledge I have so far, I can’t wait to share it with the people who don’t know anything about web design or people who are just starting it!


So , this month at university, my class have been focusing on the different types of ideas and how to imagine what it’s going to work out like so I have been coming up Continue reading What makes a web designer amazing