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Google +

Are you making the most of Google plus?

My friend owns a tree surgery company called Stourbridge Tree Surgeons and he has recently notified my of how he is utilizing and making the most of his Google Plus page.

  1. Add local people in your community to your circles
    This widens your network and and notify’s local businesses of your services.
  2. Ask your customers for reviews for your good service
    5 star ratings build up trust and authenticity of your businesses listing.
  3. Be active
    Using your Google Plus profile actively is more likely to get traffic to it and increase the number of views your listing has – The number of views is know to increase your listings rank in the local section.

And that’s all for today hopefully you got some value from this, please feel free to share it if you did…. Thanks!!!

My Lucky Day


So this weekend I decided to take a little break and go to see my auntie and uncle in Towyn, Wales and have some well deserved rest and a break from studying! When I arrived there after a long journey, my cousin came out of nowhere and surprised me! Aparently, he heard that I was doing web design at school and heard that I had created a website for my dad’s business! Basically he wants me to design him a website for his business!


His business is a Continue reading My Lucky Day

Keep the opportunities coming!

So today we were told that we had the opportunity to go and work with a web design company out of a list our tutor had provided us! I can definitely say that I was by far the most excited one in the room! So of course I took the list as quick as I could so I could have a look and choose a really good one in case I didn’t like the ones that were last! So I decided to choose InterLead in Stafford because I loved their web site and thought it was really creative and I hadn’t seen a website like that before so I just had to snatch them up because I feel I would have a lot to learn from them!


So in February Continue reading Keep the opportunities coming!

How to approach

So today we learnt about the importance of customer service! Now making sure that your customer is happy is a huge thing and I didn’t realise just how big it actually was today because without customer service, its impossible for your business to grow to its full potential!


When a person approves you with an enquiry about your services, making sure you answer all of their questions is extremely important as that is the first initial meeting and that is what will seal the deal if you get it right and you are helpful to them! Continue reading How to approach

What makes a web designer amazing


As you know, I am still studying Web Design at Stoke on Trent so I am not yet fully qualified and knowledgeable enough to go out there and except money for my work as it just wouldn’t feel right! But, with the knowledge I have so far, I can’t wait to share it with the people who don’t know anything about web design or people who are just starting it!


So , this month at university, my class have been focusing on the different types of ideas and how to imagine what it’s going to work out like so I have been coming up Continue reading What makes a web designer amazing