Me, Myself and I

Hi guys my name is Piko Lint, weirdest name ever right? Just in case you were wondering, Piko is the meaning for a belly button in Hawaiian and Lint is obviously as you probably know… fluff! So, wherever my parents got my name from, lets hope it wasn’t because I looked like a little belly button! My last name ‘Lint’ comes from the Middle English ‘lynt’ and I didn’t actually realise until I created this website that the surname ‘Lint’ is actually pretty popular in England and also in Holland with the language Dutch! So there is more to it than I originally thought!


What am I about

I am 18 years old and I study Web Design at Stoke-on-Trent Univeristy in the Midlands. I hate university but I love what it entails! I love the work when I am in the class and I love learning new things about what’s new and whats happening in the world in terms of software and new gadgets that are up and coming!


I have always lived in Stafford and I have always been a big fan. I think it is a great place to find yourself and I have always felt safe in and around Stafford. I know that there are some horrible parts of Stafford but it is the same anywhere you go… Just look at London!


Why Web Design

I have always had an eye for design and I have always loved changing something standard into something awesome! Satisfaction from people comes as a massive bonus as when you can create somethig that someone else feels it is impossible an wouldn’t know where to start… I find that pretty awesome!


It all started when my dad asked me to help him design a website for his business. His business was very small and consisted of only him and his van. So, we began looking at different designs and ideas that we could come up with and tried to think of different ways to make it stand out and I enjoyed it so much, I felt like I could really do something amazing with it so I decided to do my research one night and began working on it while my dad was working away and if I do say so myself, I did an absolute cracking job!


When my dad got home that weekend, he was astonished at how awesome this webiste was that I had created… now I was only 16 and I was ready to leave school, and I definitely did not want to stay on at sixth form as school definitely wasn’t a good time for me! But, with this new found passion, I knew that this is what I wanted to do, I wnated to see the faces of people that come to me for help with their business and I wanted them to be so pleased with me just like my dad was!


Where am I now

So right now, I am doing amazing with my work and I can’t wait to start getting in touch with web design businesses and finally getting a job and move myself up to the highest and eventually have my own business like my dad! I am excited for the future and excited to help you all out with my knowledge.


Hope I help you in the near future! Thanks, Piko.