How to approach

So today we learnt about the importance of customer service! Now making sure that your customer is happy is a huge thing and I didn’t realise just how big it actually was today because without customer service, its impossible for your business to grow to its full potential!


When a person approves you with an enquiry about your services, making sure you answer all of their questions is extremely important as that is the first initial meeting and that is what will seal the deal if you get it right and you are helpful to them! But there is actually a bit before that, that is the most important but people seem to forget about it or dont think it is as important as being helpful and that is you must appear and welcome them perfectly because they can decide if they want to use you or not very quickly and sometimes they can make their mind up just by the way you are dressed, how you walk up to them, how you say hello, how you speak or even how decide to greet them!


It is a really big thing because if someone walked in the room with their shirt half out, spoke hard english, didn’t go up to them and make an effort such as shaking their hand and then didn’t make any eye contact with them whatsoever you just naturally wouldn’t trust them before they even opened their mouth about your enquiry! So its so important to make sure you are on top form at all times because you never know where there is going to be an opportunity!

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