My Lucky Day


So this weekend I decided to take a little break and go to see my auntie and uncle in Towyn, Wales and have some well deserved rest and a break from studying! When I arrived there after a long journey, my cousin came out of nowhere and surprised me! Aparently, he heard that I was doing web design at school and heard that I had created a website for my dad’s business! Basically he wants me to design him a website for his business!


His business is a carpet cleaning company and his website isn’t very good! So I thought I would have a look and let him know what I believe to be wrong with it! So a couple of things I checked were:


  • Checked if it was mobile friendly or not with a Google app
  • I looked at the colours used to see if they matched
  • I check the colour of the writing against the background to make sure it was clear
  • I checked the font and the size of the text to make sure it was easy to read etc
  • I checked to see if there was enough content on there and whether or not it was authorative and was relevant to what he was actually offering


And a few aother little things and I found out that most of the things listed at the top were a big problem on his website! So, i gave him my opinions and he wants me to help him out with them and design him a new one! How great! So, whatever hurdles I jump over I will let you know and keep you informed on how to get around them!

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