Keep the opportunities coming!

So today we were told that we had the opportunity to go and work with a web design company out of a list our tutor had provided us! I can definitely say that I was by far the most excited one in the room! So of course I took the list as quick as I could so I could have a look and choose a really good one in case I didn’t like the ones that were last! So I decided to choose InterLead in Stafford because I loved their web site and thought it was really creative and I hadn’t seen a website like that before so I just had to snatch them up because I feel I would have a lot to learn from them!


So in February, We are going to be heading off to these other businesses for the day and learning all about how they work and what it is like working for a web design company and also we are able to learn a lot more about how they work! I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to better myself and I’m so grateful for the University to set this up, its so great that they give us the option to do this!


I think everyone needs to be guided in their journey to becoming the best in what they want to be so hopefully I will learn so much from going to this web design business! I know that it will give me the boost I want and give me more determination to work so much harder!

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