The elements of great designs

Today we learnt about the four elements of web design and what they actually mean and what goes with them. So I thought I would share with you what I learnt today!


So we were taught today that the main four elements of web design are:
a. The colours
b. The images
c. The layouts
d. The all important content


They say that they are what fit together to make the finishing result a perfect one! So I thought I would share the information they gave me on those for things and share how they make the perfect web design…


The colours
The colours on a website they say are very important as its that initial attraction to the website once they click on your URL. The colour is what lets people know what kind of business this is like loud colours for outrageous big or little companies or suttle colours for those calm websites that want you to read the writing more than look at the colours! But the colours also depend on what kind of person is asking for the design and what background they are from. Colours can also be remembered and be a sign of our brand and people can get to know those colours and recognise your brand quickly.


The images
Images are just as important as anything else you have to go through when you are creating a website, if your images aren’t nice to look at and don’t give off any meaning, they may as well not be on the web site at all! We have been taught to use Google images and make sure that they are labelled for reuse as you can be done for stealing so be mindful of where you get your images from. With your images, it is also nice to have a description on them so that if anyone has a disability and they are pondering around your site, if they hover over a picture it will read out what our picture is labelled as if they are using special software, every little helps right?


The layout
We have been told to always make sure that every single layout you use has to 100% be mobile friendly as so many more searches are made by mobile so if it isn’t mobile friendly you are not moving with the times when everyone else is! When choosing a layout you have to make sure you use the right on for the business now that sounds hard but how it was explained today, it really is easy! You just have to make sure that the layout compliments the rest or the web page so it fits in with the images and the type of font used etc.


The all important content
We were told today that content is one of the most important things and it can not be underestimated! To have lots of relevant content on a customers website is important because whoever looks on that website wants to basically be told why they should buy off them, why they should be trusted or if they should use their services etc.


I also found out that my ideas have been passed on to another teacher who is extremely astonished by my work! I cannot wait for 2016 I just know it will be my year to get recognised!

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