What makes a web designer amazing


As you know, I am still studying Web Design at Stoke on Trent so I am not yet fully qualified and knowledgeable enough to go out there and except money for my work as it just wouldn’t feel right! But, with the knowledge I have so far, I can’t wait to share it with the people who don’t know anything about web design or people who are just starting it!


So , this month at university, my class have been focusing on the different types of ideas and how to imagine what it’s going to work out like so I have been coming up with lots of ideas and making sure I am being as creative as I possibly can and making each idea completely different to the next. They say that ensuring you fill your mind with thousands of ideas a day, you will be a very successful web designer and you will achieve the most amazing web designs you could ever imagine!


So far I have come up with thirty eight ideas so I’m not yet up there with the thousands but i am definitely improving with my imagination! When you do web design, you have to really take advantage of your imagination and focus you mind on just that making sure that you can see each detail in your head! You really want to find out what the customer of the design wants and what the business is and then plan it out on paper or computer and then get to work after that. I say to plan it out first on paper or on the computer because it is so important to see it with your own eyes what it is you want to produce and what you are going to start with and then you let your imagination run wild with it and that is what makes it turn out to be a work of art!


Let your imagination go wild guys, it’s what will make you the best web designer out there! Thanks for reading, Piko.

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